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Having an internet presence is essential for any business, and it does not have to be expensive. Having one or two pages is a good way to start out, and is very affordable. A logo, a few pictures, some general information and contact information is all you need to make a simple web page.

If you are ready for a full site, the benefits are even greater. More information in a site allows search engines to locate you easier.

And of course, there are e-commerce sites which allow you to sell items online. The possiblities are endless with the web. You do not even need to know how to turn on a computer to have an internet presence that can allow your customers to find you.

Web Design Portfolio:

Site No Longer Live


Flash is a type of multimedia software which adds a little more flare to a web site. Or it can be used to create presentations much like Powerpoint, but with a little more freedom.

The example below is a CD presentation in Flash showing a company's services.

CD Presentation

Liberty IRB - CD Presentation
Click here to view

(Best viewed at 1024x768 with cable or DSL modem).


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