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Fun N Learning is a childcare and preschool education franchise concept that you operate right in your home. You'll be your own boss, and we will show you how. There are no formal education requirements (although assuredly welcomed), only the love and good care for young children and the ability and willingness to learn. You will receive complete training.

Working at Home
There are over 30 million Americans that work from home at this time, and this figure is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the years to come as experts on this subject have predicted. More and more Americans are discovering that they appreciate the convenience of working from home, along with all the other obvious advantages such as:

  • considerable tax allowances
  • savings on the high cost of gas
  • other commuting expenses
  • and certainly their time is most valuable.
This is just a small sample of advantages you can derive from having a business in your home. We are sure you can think of a lot more.

Some years ago a popular magazine published an article about working at home. It sold more copies than anytime in the magazine's history. In home businesses have grown tremendously since then. This tells us a great deal about the trends that are taking place in this country and the way individuals are choosing to work.

In Home Childcare
At the same time, in home childcare is also at the beginning of a huge growth phase. One reason is the high investment and high overhead costs required in setting up a childcare in another location other than home.

Statistics show that 65% of mothers with children under the age of 6 are now working and experts say that this trend will continue. Statistics further show that the childcare industry is expected to grow to over $45 billion by 2007, and that the 0-5 year age group will reach 24 million over the next few years. Community leaders and other organizations are seeking better quality and effective services for young children and families. Parents, teacher and school boards, local and federal governments and many groups and organizations have sought better quality childcare for a long time. We are doing just that.

Why a Franchise
More people are buying franchised businesses today than ever before for a multitude of good reasons. One in particular is that it is estimated that over 90% of franchises succeed and only 30% of independent businesses succeed. Why be alone out there when you can have an organization behind you with many years of experience and a sincere motivation to help you succeed. Also, more times than not, the fees you pay a franchisor will be more than offset by the increased business you will experience by being a franchise.

Through our in depth Fun N Learning programs you will be adding value and substance to your childcare business. You will also be practicing one of the most caring acts in the world, providing care and education to young children, and having an impact on their lives. Perhaps there is not a more important service that you can perform for anyone than caring for and teaching their beloved children, not to mention the personal satisfaction you will experience in knowing you are sharing your time in helping to prepare children for the future of your country and world.

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This website is not intended to sell franchises and is not all inclusive, but only a solicitation for more free information about our childcare franchise program. Moreover, we are not offering to sell a franchise in any state without the prior registration and approval of our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (U.F.O.C.) by the regulatory authority of that state. Upon this approval, if you are offered a franchise, a copy will be supplied to you (the prospective franchisee). However, this is no intention to imply that state's endorsement of our U.F.O.C.

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